Digital marketing trends keep changing every year hence every marketer who wishes to be successful should be up to date with the new changes and make sure to bring about these in current changes marketing and update their previous efforts as well.

We have listed below 5 digital marketing resolutions which you should take in the coming financial year;

  1. Focus on the Activities that Bring More Results:

Analyze the time you spend on each activity to bring in more engagement and conversion. Keep a track of the activity which is bringing the maximum conversion and also the one which is bringing in minimum conversion. Compare the time you spend on both. Ideally, you should be spending more time on activities that have generated high results in the past and give minimum or no time to the ones which have given a minimum or no result. Make sure to track the time you spend on every activity and focus to spend maximum time on the ones that would really bring in large conversions.

  1. Magnify Existing Assets:

Your website must already contain content, and it is your asset. Instead of creating new content, focus on polishing the old content available by updating it based on the current trend. You can also recycle the content by turning it into podcasts, infographics or videos. This not only will update the content but also will improve the engagement. The added advantage is that search engines love content that are updated instead of being deserted. Link your new blog articles to the old ones to keep the page live and active.

  1. Let Go of Unwanted Elements:

When you started writing content, you must have written about things which readers do not care about much. Initially, marketers do not have much idea about what works and what does not but slowly that understanding improves and makes them realize the mistakes in the past. If there are a few such blog pots which you absolutely regret, do not hesitate to get rid of them.

  1. Apply Proactive Strategies:

Planning everything at the last moment is the worst possible strategy, always pre-plan based on how the market works. As a marketer sometimes you have to be reactive and take actions immediately especially if there is a big change in the algorithm of the search engine but when you are aware of certain market trends in advance, be prepared for it, to stay ahead in the game. 

  1. More Transparency with the Users:

Another big change in your marketing strategy should be to entice users to engage with you rather than trick them to do so. You will still find many online shopping apps promising discounts such as 70% off but when clicked you will find just one or two items out of the entire stock which carries this discount. Customers do not appreciate such clickbait and lose interest in such brands. In fact, bringing in transparency to the website is also important about the way you are collecting and storing user data especially after the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) in Europe. Ask users permission to store their data and to make sure user data protection is your top priority.

Digital marketing is a static field, and nothing remains the same. A successful marketer knows this and makes use of the changes to their advantage to hunt down the market and win big.