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Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most tangible forms of digital marketing. A method primarily used to place digital ads on search engines and publishers’ websites, PPC offers an immediate return on investment and allows instant visibility at the top of the search results. Managers need to avoid the typical pitfalls in executing PPC campaigns, which is why choosing the right digital marketing partner can make all the difference.

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Pay-Per-Click Service at PNC SOLUTIONS

PNC Solutions’ pay per click services are designed to get the most bang for your buck. Of course, our ultimate aim is to get you that very top spot in Google search results with smart and well-researched Adwords campaigns. However, in addition to getting that coveted top spot, our keyword research, ad copies and landing pages are designed to maximize your lead generation with the optimal cost per click. Our certified PPC team in Orlando, FL consists of industry experts with years of experience running PPC campaigns for businesses in a variety of industries. And our streamlined process helps make your campaigns more efficient.

We begin by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your current campaigns to gauge their PPC performance. Through A/B testing, we pinpoint the areas that need improvement. This audit helps us determine whether we can build upon your campaign or need to develop it from scratch.

Regardless of the number of clicks that land on your website, your lead generation will not be effective unless your landing page is optimized for leads and conversions. This means that your landing page content, load-speed, design and placement of CTA’s (Call-to-Actions) should be up to industry standards. Marketers and design experts at PNC Solutions optimize your landing page to ensure a smooth user experience, as well as engaging content and offerings to entice your audience to become potential customers.
Determining the right mix of keywords to target is one of the fundamental steps of developing a pay-per-click campaign. We find the most searched for keywords in your industry to ensure that your ad copies gain the desired traction. Similarly, our research specialists continue to find new techniques that help you run cost-effective campaigns.

Why PNC solutions?

PNC Solutions has a proven track record of crafting PPC campaigns that meet your business objectives without breaking the bank. We have worked across several industries that has enabled our R&D team to gain vastly diversified knowledge on what works and what doesn’t in the digital space.

We start off with fully intimating ourselves with your brand (hey, it’s part of the job) – and understanding your competition, industry, business model and brand. Once we know you like the back of our hand, we get to work on creating a campaign that prioritizes your business objectives.

Our next step is to create distinct buyer personas that identify the segments of your audience. These are broken down in terms of your priorities – be it consumer behavior, their demographics, geographical locations, occupation or a combination of the stated factors. After segmenting, we tailor messages for each segment based on their unique characteristics. Every month wraps up with detailed reports on how many leads we generated for your business, along with the tangible value we brought to the table. If this seems like a service you need for your business, let’s talk more!

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