In the present digital age, ecommerce websites and ecommerce businesses have certainly hit the ground running and the ecommerce industry has experienced phenomenal growth with global ecommerce revenue figures crossing $2.3 billion in 2017. For this purpose, it is of utmost importance that your ecommerce website is designed and developed precisely, keeping in mind the target audience as well as the product being sold. PNC Solutions has some of the most experienced ecommerce platform developers here in Orlando, Florida. Our team has successfully executed countless ecommerce projects for clients in a variety of industries. These ecommerce solutions contain the best of standard design and functionality, along with customization options for full scalability.

Gone are the days when individual customers and companies browsed ecommerce stores through desktop computers. These days, product searches occur on a myriad of devices including mobile phones, laptops, tablets and smartwatches. Keeping this in mind, our ecommerce developers ensure that your ecommerce website has a mobile responsive design that is optimized for a number of different screen sizes to deliver the best performance. This includes keeping less information on smaller screens to maintain audience engagement and shorten the user journey.
A lot of developers focus on making their websites very beautiful to look at but do not pay as much attention to the user journey and conversions. One of the main reasons ecommerce websites lose customers is due to abandoned shopping carts where customers find the journey from the home page to the checkout page long and tiresome. Our ecommerce development team knows the impact this has on customer engagement and we use well-placed call-to-actions as well as optimized designs to get the user from the home page to the checkout page in seconds. After all, a beautiful ecommerce website means nothing if it is not converting customers.
A determining factor in the success of your ecommerce website is the product management and listings feature of your online business. How you portray your product line impacts consumer interest in your online offerings. Our development solutions allow you to list thousands of products across hundreds of product categories. Additionally, our custom website development is scalable, meaning when you decide to increase your range of operations, you do not have to integrate a new design to accommodate your expansion. A custom developed ecommerce product from PNC Solutions will have the option of scalability without any additional effort.
In addition to being attractive and functionally smooth on the user-end, an ecommerce website must be built on an efficient content management system where you can easily update content and control your website marketing tools. At PNC Solutions, we ensure that the ecommerce solutions you receive will have a complete set of marketing and promotional tools at your disposal. From advanced search engine optimization tools to powerful online promotions, you can have it all. Run discount campaigns, create amazing landing pages to drive sales and generate greater revenue with full accountability of marketing costs and ROIs.

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