Small Business Website Design and Development Services

A business website or a corporate website is an absolute necessity for an entity looking to build a decent digital presence. A corporate website allows you to accomplish several objectives simultaneously, for instance, a starting ground for interested audience to view your business and your objectives exactly how you want to communicate them; rather than getting that information from a third party source. Secondly, a business website can serve as a free marketing and promotional platform for your business where you are free to promote your offerings however you like. At PNC Solutions, we build aesthetically beautiful corporate and business websites which function exactly as planned and give your business the digital edge it needs

Our design team has the perfect mix of graphic and UI/UX designers who perfectly understand the requirements of web design. In addition to making your website beautiful to look at and engaging to the audience, we ensure that the user journey is enhanced with enticing placements and CTAs (Call-to-Actions), thereby making users follow your desired path and ultimately converting them to customers. Even if your end goal is not lead generation, our design specialists ensure that your digital identity is presented that way you want. Our web design services are ideal for businesses simply looking to show off their portfolio in a stylish way.
A beautiful design counts for nothing if the functionality is not there to back it up. Hence, another element of our website design and development services is superior functionality. Any transitions or complex functions that you desire will be seamlessly incorporated in your business website. For instance, some companies from the finance sector will want complex calculators embedded in their website. Similarly, a school board website would ideally have an event calendar embedded. Our development team has successfully accomplished the aforementioned functionalities with minimum hassle, along with a multitude of other development requirements on our clients’ wish lists. Additionally, we have also developed countless ecommerce websites with even more complex functional specifications.
Even the best website will lose audience quickly if it is not optimized for load-time. Our development team ensures that all images, text as well as strings of code are optimized to ensure your website loads super-fast. According to statistics, a couple of seconds of additional page load time could make you lose over 50% of your website visitors. During this process, we also take into account mobile users and similarly optimize your website to load instantly on mobile and tablet screens. Irrelevant images and sections will obviously be removed to ensure the mobile version doesn’t have too many scrolls. Similarly, every fold we design has a CTA to ensure the user journey goes according to your plan.
In the digital age, one of the biggest worries for website owners is online security of valuable data. If that is your concern as well, then you have come to the right place. Your branded website will be created using the latest standards in development, security and hosting. When you host a website with us, you can rest assured that all your data is safe and secure on a high-quality server. In addition, your server data will be password protected with access given to users on your approval. Similarly, we provide round-the-clock maintenance and support for your website, meaning that your website will suffer virtually no downtime. Any errors will be discovered and fixed immediately.

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