For leading a successful and fruitful marketing campaign, it is important to cultivate a long lasting relationship with your perspective audience. But wait, before building a relationship with your customer do they really care for your brand?

The answer must be NO! Right? Your brand should be attached with your customers emotions and feelings. Here Ego Bait can play a main role in your campaign.

Now what in Googles green web is Ego Bait? How it will help me in generating leads? In short:

Egobait is an asset which is created to attract the attention of a specific person or group of people. It is essentially producing something that strokes the ego of the person/people/company featured.

~ James Agate, Skyrocket SEO.

At this point, lets jump into the game. Putting our discussion ahead by highlighting the major benefits of ego bait and how it will help in getting our brand to the next level.

Major Benefits of Ego Bait

1. Flow of Natural Links

So now it is quite clear that what actually ego bait is. It is one of the best ways to attract natural links towards your website.

Whatever link baiting asset you are creating just make sure that it would be unique and capable of drawing the attention of your targeted audience. Once you succeeded to create such an asset, you will notice that people will start linking that asset on various platforms and this is what every search engines love.

Image Source:

2. Community Building

Along with the tons of links, link baiting assets also bring a huge amount of traffic towards your website. It will generate a continuous traffic and at one stage you will find a strong and loyal community around your brand.

3. Brand Awareness

For every startup, branding is the most crucial part. Nobody even knows your brand nor do they care too much. A proper brand and online reputation management strategy is required at this stage so that users start caring for your brand.

If users find your link baiting asset worthy then it has more chances of getting viral. The more people share that asset the more your brand will get aware.

4. Brand Mentions

If your ego baiting idea is worth sharing then there will be more of a chance of getting brand mentions either on different blogs or social channels. These brand mentions have their own importance in the search.

There is a technique called Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) that analyzes relationship between collection of words and documents. If your brand got mentioned on any platform the Google will read the text and terms are around your brand name and will rank accordingly.

The second benefit is that whenever you get the brand mention you avail it efficiently. Want to know how? You can avail the missing link opportunities from those brand mentions. Those links will be powerful and considered as natural.

5. Organic Success

As discussed above that those links are preferable which are natural. The Ego Bait Link Asset is one time game and then you will taste the sweetness of natural links. Those natural links will boost your organic results.

Effective Ego-Bait Link Building Techniques

1. Powerful Videos

Videos are considered as the most powerful way to convey your message to the audience. B2B and B2C companies need to adopt this trend as it gives the maximum ROI. Shoot videos for your brand that have a high engagement level and capable to capture the feelings for your viewers.

Here are some stats that will let your video marketing campaign on the go.

video marketing trend 2015

Infographic Source:


While watching this ad I was totally lost in it instead of watching the remaining time duration. 😛

2. Catchy Infographics

Infographics are visually appealing. Their images, demographics, colors and all the other visual elements naturally draw the attention of the users. It is easily shareable and one of the most naturally linkable asset.

It is actually directly attached to the human aesthetic sense and psychology. Almost 90% of the information is transmitted to the brain is visual. The amazing part: I have collected these stats from an infographic.


digital marketing is killing

Here we go with a great example of ego bait with an infographic. You can view the complete infographic here:

Through this infographic they aware users that digital marketing is trending and ruling over traditional marketing by using appealing visuals, statistics and content.

3. Experts Roundups

Roundups are basically conducting expert opinions on a certain issue or a question. No doubt, experts words are more trustworthy and powerful than the ordinary people. This is the catch!

Write a blog post on any topic and get experts views on it. But make sure that the round up, you are about to start should be on the trending and interesting topic. Once you succeed to form such a link asset it will definitely influence the ego of your users and they are more likely to link and share it. Additionally, also ask experts to share that asset in their networks too, as a result, you will find that your brand will start getting fresh and new community.


24 seo expert disucss

This is a great example of expert round up, actually it is about links vs tweets discussing a big change in sharing content. It went viral this link asset has been liked by tons of users.

4. Conducting an Interview

Conduct interview of an expert on your blog and get those questions answered by them that are usually asked by users on different forums and niche related communities. You might be asking yourself that how it will impact your users ego?

Okay, but first answer this question, why do we read experts interview? To get to know more about the personality and get inspired. We read the interview and find any information and useful point in it eventually resulting in viral sharing of the content by the users.


As I am personally inspired by Seth Godin, a marketing legend. I used to read his interviews and blog posts because each time he inspires me with different things. Here comes a legend: 🙂

the content strategies


5. Writing eBooks or Building a USP

Writing an eBook is a way too long process, but it is one of the most effective ways of link baiting, community building and traffic generation. Find the trending and the hottest topics and then start writing about those but make sure you build kickass content. Because generic content is already in the market and everyone is doing, so whats different coming to the table?

Beside ebook, you can build some other USPs on the website like to offer them a free website analysis or any tool that can assist them in any regard.


is it worth speaking at conference

The above snapshot has been taken from I really liked their concept of writing an ebook on the buzzing topic and how they promoted it on their website in order to capture the users attraction.

6. Interactive Content

Interactive content is simply adding the interactivity factor in your content marketing. Examples of such may be, giving a new perspective and a real value to your content in order to stand out amongst your competitors. Customers need your attention and adding such engaging features to your content marketing campaign can unleash your brand success.

Interactive content can be quizzes, surveys, storytelling, presentations and videos. Interactive content actually consumes more time than the ordinary videos, presentations and other content marketing techniques, but it offers more fruitful results than the expected ones.


ruder finn

Check out for interactive content inspiration. The perfect use of HTML5 and visual effects have doubled the content value. Such type of things increases the interactivity level of the users.

7. Podcasts

You all might love hearing music while working. We can easily digest the words that we have been hearing either while working or not that is a fact. Introduce podcast sessions on your website that will help users in getting relevant information without getting distracted.

We are living in the digital era. Technological revolution is on the rise, but still we love to hear radio FM programs. Your single podcast can do unrealistic magic for your website if it is properly utilized.



The above podcast has been picked from

You can try out more techniques that you think can easily affect the human emotions and aesthetic sense. Any query regarding this piece of content? Feel free to ask in the comment section below.