In less than a decade, social media has taken over the technological world. The platforms where you have started sharing your daily life are now the most important aspect for businesses. 2020 was the prime time for an increase in social media engagement.

Various businesses adapted the different marketing strategies. Most importantly, eCommerce websites have aced the market. People were spending their time on social media, and offices became mobile phones or laptops. That has provided brands a way to connect with their customers.

By getting the right strategy of leveraging social media, brands can get thousands of visitors directed to their website. It doesn’t happen overnight by a few posts or mentions.

Unfortunately, you won’t find any magical recipe for social media. You have to work hard on social media too, like other marketing strategies — by carefully managing, measuring, and crafting content; to form a strong plan. Irrespective of your prowess, expertise, and creativity, you won’t be able to rise above the crowd without a strategic vision.

Social media tools play an important role in driving sales to your brands. Finding a functioning and efficient tool is certainly not the easiest task ever. You might waste a lot of time in searching for the right one, so we are here with a list of social media tools and benefits to make it easier for you:


Buffer was first a scheduling tool for Twitter. Then, it upgraded to support every social media platform; LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and even Google+ (if anyone still uses it).

Buffer can help you in executing a perfect plan for your social media marketing campaign by helping you in doing these things:

  • Use the chrome extension to add content and articles from the browser to Buffer file or share your post on the go.
  • Automatically resizing your large links into short ones. If you also use Bitly, connect your social media accounts to it.
  • Uploading custom videos and pictures.
  • Replying to comments from inside Buffer.
  • Accessing network analytics to track the performance of your content.
  • Scheduling posts, so content keeps getting posted even when you are offline.
  • Connect with more team members.

Buffer is a social media dashboard that will help you to fill your social media accounts with more exciting and relevant content without keeping you logged into your social media accounts.


Content is the most essential part of winning the social media game. Without creating content, you can’t change the game. You can’t stress enough the importance of social media content and why important in 2021. Visual content is more engaging the plain ol’ text, so this is the time to take your visuals posts to the next level.

Biteable will help you in creating entertaining, engaging, and informative visual content in the form of short videos to share on social media.

Biteable hosts footage, music, animated scenes, and free video templates. It is a blessing for anyone who wants a free studio to create high-quality video content without spending money on equipment.

It is super easy to use and one of the cheapest tools in the market. You’ll get a lot of features available on the free account too. However, the Premium upgrade isn’t too expensive anyway. So you will just have to pay a small price to add spark and excitement to your social media account by creating some interesting, short, super-engaging, and shareable video content.


Advertising on social media is the most complex part, and it feels like taking a shot in a vast dark space. ADEspresso is designed to be the expert of A/B tests for social media ads.

This tool is helpful for real-time analysis of Instagram, Facebook, and Google ads. It will save you a lot of time by helping you in creating and managing ads for all three platforms. It keeps checking what’s working and what’s not while your campaign is going on social media.

It’ll allow you to systematically test different images, ad copy, headlines, and many more until you find the perfect image for your website.

AdEspresso has made the optimization and creation of ads easy and quick. It features a customizable dashboard for you to view all the important metrics in a single place. Your campaigns will always be on, and they will monitor your social media feeds while promoting the new posts immediately. It also offers smart filters to help you in selecting what’s should be promoted, and for how long it should be on your feed.

You can keep your contacts, leads, and audiences synced with your Facebook Ad Account rather than syncing them into CRM or email marketing.

If you want your marketing campaign to be successful this year, give ADEspresso a try.


As we all know, future changes in social media platforms, so we present you Rick Moranis of the URL world — the ultimate link shrinker!

Bitly shortens the lengthy URLs into much smaller ones. Usually, the links are too long, complicated, tricky to share, and impossible to remember, while short URLs look presentable and are often easier to remember.

Every marketer has one dream to hit the mark and prove his worth. Just make sure to use the right campaign tracking tools and you’ll be able to capture the list of critical metrics.

Bitly will also keep you informed of who clicked on what, where, and when. More than just a link shrinker, Bitly is one of the powerful social media tools. It can be used to view site referrals, track clicks, along with pinpointing the locations with the most clicks. It’s so handy and useful that even Google has used it in their Google Campaign URL Builder to shrink links and record performance.


Rebrandly is another best link shortener for customizing short URLs and creating branded links. There is a link behind every valuable post you share online. All of those links are important to your company and Rebrandly helps you in putting brands on your links.

Following are the benefits of using Rebrandly:

  • Enhanced link trust.
  • Increased brand visibility and awareness.
  • 39% higher click-through rate.

Brandly offers you some of the coolest features to make marketing interesting:

  • QR codes
  • API
  • UTM builder
  • 50+ app integrations
  • Traffic routing
  • Link retargeting
  • Editable destination URL


Social media is a chaotic world, where keeping track of every single app is not possible. That’s where Hootsuite shines — by handling various social media accounts and gathering them under one login.

This single login dashboard will make your marketing a lot easier, and it is available free of charge.

It is among the most popular social media tools. It will allow a meaningful collab between team members and an approval process. It represents all of your comments and mentions in one place, where you can plot a social media calendar while assigning tasks and scheduling updates.

With Hootsuite Podium, you can access social media courses to enhance your social media management skills and learn the fundamentals of marketing.

Other than that, a more experienced digital marketer, its tools combine with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and Youtube, deeply analyzing your accounts and allowing you to interact with customers.


Social media promotion plays a vital role in the success of any business. Though, scheduling posts might make it difficult to get out of bed every morning. Even if you have a tool to assist you speed up the process, you still have to manage the texts and images for every post manually.

Missinglettr will automate the process of crafting social content. It will analyze your content and generate content that is worth a year of social posts.

It means that you can focus on writing long blog posts, while Missinglettr will help you in taking care of the social promotion by scheduling your promotion posts. You’ll be able to remove one thing from your to-do list.

Missinglettr has plenty of features including; template creation, facilitating approvals from clients, scheduling posts, along customized URL shrinker to enhance campaign assets. You will be on the top of your marketing campaign, and you’ll also get a weekly report of your performance.


Every day, new social media tools are popping out in the market. With the new ones coming out, it might be difficult for you to choose. The key is to recognize your requirements and find tools that support your marketing efforts. Invest in the tools after trying them a little, only if you find them good to go. Never discard the old tools while getting the new ones; the new ones are just a fresh start.