In October 2014, I wrote a post in which I explained the anatomy of a perfect link. In this post, I plan to go a step further and dig into the details of how the Perfect Link behaves and why one should always spend their resources on getting these kinds of links.

Perfect links do exist but they are always rare to discover, so try not to overlook the power of non-perfect links as they will also help you achieve your goals in the long run.

Heres a quick definition of what is a Perfect Link is any link that contains all the essentials i.e. placement of the link within the content, followed or un-followed, coming from a relevant domain, coming from an authoritative domain is a Perfect Link.

Why should I get the Perfect Link?

The simplest answer to this is what you are going to get out of it. When you get a Perfect Link, it not only offers you SEO ranking benefits, but it will also help you get the most targeted traffic, positive reputation and possible conversions back to your website.

In the rest of the post I will explain how I build Perfect Links back to my website and how they are helping me with reputation, conversions and rankings in search engines.

Distinguishing Quality vs. Perfect Link

Before I go further, I need to make this one thing very clear Quality Links are different from Perfect Links. There is a huge possibility of a Quality Link to be non-perfect, but its impossible for a Perfect Link to be of low quality.

Advantages of the Perfect Link:

Search Engine Ranking Benefits

As I discussed earlier, Perfect Links cannot be compromised on quality and one of the benefits of having a quality link that directs back to your website is that you get search engine ranking benefits.

We never compromised on quality, but what we always looked for was a Perfect Link and because of the great team we had, we managed to get quite a few.

The links are coming from UK newspapers talking about industrial supplies and this is exactly what we do in similar geographic locations. The link is followed within the content and contains authority which makes it a Perfect Link.

What happens when you get few Perfect Links back to your website? Your website rankings grow on a regular basis like ours.

organic keywords

Obviously when you are investing in SEO, your ultimate goal is to get better visibility in search engines through targeted key words. But when it comes to building Perfect Links, its much more than just rankings in search engines.

The Referral Traffic

The best part about a Perfect Link is that it offers a great amount of targeted referral traffic to the website that any business is ideally looking for.There is thus a greater chance for the incoming traffic to convert into paying customers.

If you look at the screenshot above, it shows that a good amount of referral traffic comes straight from the website where I had built links a few months back via guest blogging and few other tactics. This is not just referral traffic, but the kind of traffic that matters because it shifts to my website from reputable websites after reading my stuff which means there is a greater possibility for them to convert and become my clients.

referral link

The Paying Clients

Perfect Links are rare and expensive in terms of time and money.When you build a Perfect Link, its mostly seen by the targeted audience and when they find the answers to the question they were looking for, they simply convert in your favor.

When I started, my aim was not to build links to gain search engine rankings, my ultimate aim was to build links in order to answer the questions of the targeted audience in such a way that it satisfied them.

I participated in different forums, looked into different FAQs and made a note of a few questions that people had in mind and answered them with the best of my knowledge. As a result:


I started receiving emails like this! If you can notice, this lead is not coming via the search engine, but is coming from a Perfect Link I built for my own website.


One of the characteristics of a Perfect Link is that it offers positive reputation gains. So if the link does not increase your brand reputation; its not a Perfect Link!

Obviously reputation is not easily extendable, so its difficult to track.But if you really want to know if the link is offering you reputation or not, track your social media pages, emails and brand reviews. If any or all of these channels get busier than normal, its safe to believe that the link is most probably perfect.

I am not really claiming that I build 100s of Perfect Links, but I did build a few and the results can be seen in the form of an increase in Twitter followers, appreciation emails and even interview requests.

As I said earlier, Perfect Links are rare but if you get your hands on one, chances are that you will be able to build a much more reputable and profitable brand image without putting too much time and effort into it.

A Quick Note:

The Perfect Link is indeed important, but a non-Perfect Link is still an opportunity you shouldn’t ignore!