Digital Evolution of eQuip

PNC Solutions’ partnership with eQuip goes back a long way, but the challenges we have overcome for them as digital partners justifies this relationship. Heavy machinery and equipment have traditionally been bought and sold at physical marketplaces, however, we utilized the latest technological developments to provide a viable digital marketplace for dealers and customers alike.

The client’s website,’s sales conversion rate increased by 64% in just the first year.

Similarly, through conversion optimization strategies, the click-through rate increased by 26% in the first year as well.

Measured Success


Through a successful digital launch and planned execution, we increase eQuip’s conversion rate by 64%.


With a strong focus on the UI/UX element of the website, the improved user experience saw a 95% increase in website visitors.


By creating an optimized sales funnel, we successfully decreased eQuip’s cost per lead by a staggering 71%.


new territories added
to the target market.

Equip Sellsit

A whopping

118.73% increase

in organic traffic.

Enhanced Added Value

Due to the high amount of traffic, and the vast number of products offered, eQuip needed a centralized system to handle all the data, queries, and product details. So we made a human-centric customer relationship management platform which was an arduous task but done as smoothly as ever; the end result was a sleek and easily usable CRM system.

While may be an online brand, we didn’t just leave it there; a monthly magazine was launched with an outreach of over 25,000 issues that has helped contribute massively towards building a strong brand identity and presence all over the country.