The Forssah Story

Forssah is a discount app built especially for the Kuwait market. Transforming the shopping habits of Kuwaitis, it brings leading brands and cost savvy consumers to one platform. Simply choose what you wish to buy from Forssah’s registered partners and engage in a unique session where you can have discounts up to 99% of the amount of your purchase.

Store Overview

Choose the store you want to get the discount from or use smart search for nearby stores. Take a picture of the product you see at the store or enter the product name.

Discounts Gamification

Customers can flip 1 coin or 6 coins simultaneously to avail associated discounts.

Discount Coupon Creation

Discounts are revealed to customers based on the coin flips. If they are satisfied with the revealed discount then they may create a coupon which can be redeemed.

Discount Coupon Utilization

Present your coupon to the store cashier and get your products for the lowest price in the market!

Technologies Used

JavaAndroid StudioApacheSQL LiteComposer