The Giibox Story

Giibox simplifies the online gifting experience by allowing you to send fully redeemable gift tokens to friends and pay bills online. A complete social media integration allows users to further connect with each other and create a community of friends.

Home Screen

The client required the functionalities of a digital gift sharing app with a social element. The app needed to be out of the box in order to create an interesting user experience.

Notification Screen

There was a lack of digital gift sharing apps in the market. We needed to make this activity highly engaging while at the same time make a source of revenue generation for the client.

Shop Screen

We created a thought-provoking mobile app designed to keep track of users’ favorite discounts while making the entire process highly engaging.

Categories Screen

The final result pleased everyone. Giibox received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the market, with the virtual currency feature considered a user favorite.

Technologies Used

JavaAndroid StudioXcode- iOSOmnicard APITransferTo API