Revamping Fueled4Focus’ Brand Presence

Richmond County Nutrition Services required a massive digital revamp in order to bring them up to the formidable digital entity they are today. Our partnership with them includes a number of quantitative and qualitative results that highlights their growth since we started working together.

The revamped website improved the following aspects for RCNS

  • Relevant and consistent style and branding
  • Smooth website navigation and user experience
  • Focus on call-to-actions (CTAs)
  • Value-added segments such as blogs, FAQs, menus

Bench mark
Social Media Engagement
Rate 11%

This particular industry niche had an average social media engagement rate of 11%. Most of RCNS’ competitors had similar engagement rates.

Social Media Engagement
Rate 26%

Our social media strategy included a combination of extensive research and creative ideas that empowered RCNS to reach a staggering social media engagement rate of 26.03%.

Organic Search
Increased by 68.24%

In the same aforementioned 6 months, RCNS’ organic search volume increased from 976 to 1,642 which represents an increase of 68.24%.

Services Used:

Social Media Management
Paid Advertising
Design & Branding