Transformation of Sophie & Trey

Sophie and Trey is one of our oldest clients whom we have been working with since we started our digital department. Our partnership with the clothing brand has been fruitful to both parties with a significant increase for the brand in many key metrics.

We salvaged the business of our client Sophie and Trey,boosting their organic traffic by a staggering 169.43%.

With meticulous planning and articulate execution, revenues of Sophie and Trey jumped organically to over 190.44%

Measured Success


With a successful transformation, the Sophie & Trey website reported a healthy 180% increase in traffic and an aggressive 189% increase in sales in 2 years.


In just a time span of 6 months, a staggering 203% increase in page views achieved. In just a time span of 6 months, a staggering 203% increase.


The website’s bounce rate declined from 60% to 29% by improving the UI through better designing which attracted and retained more visitors.

Active buyers


In 1 Year

Sophie and Trey’s

web traffic

grew 94%

in the first year.

Enhanced Added Value

After serving the clients with a winning digital strategy we guided Sophie and Trey towards new domains of email and content marketing and proudly got them featured on Huffington Post, Orlando Magazine and BuzzFeed naturally. This immediately led to organic growth and global brand recognition which drove all the numbers up.

Now to take it up a notch, we toiled to bring the brand’s visibility on the best search engine ranking that is possible so that their products can be directly found through a simple search. From the initial ranking of 24 keywords in 2014, we successfully related eight thousand seven hundred words to the brand in 2016. In addition to that, we craft aggressive sales offers for Sophie and Trey and also bring their customer reviews in focus.

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