We will surely tell you about the URL Shortner tool that can help you in creating your own short URL but before that, we will fulfil our duty and will simply tell you about why it is important to use URL Shortner tools. We have been receiving many queries about the benefits of using URL Shortner tools, and this is a very valid and genuine concern of yours, especially if you are new to website business and content management. It is important for you guys to read this three-minute article so that you can learn all about the use of the URL Shortner tools and can know how compressing links can help you in SEO.

Each and every one of us related to the content business is looking forward for different ways to increase the traffic on their website and the improve the ranking position of a website with SEO technique so if you are one of the guys who want to improve his website health and rankings you guys should make sure that you read this content till the very end.

The Benefits of Compressing URLs!

  1. Let us start with the basic benefits of short URLs first, and you guys should see that long URLs are very difficult to handle and you can’t just manage to stuff log links in your content not only in your content but also for sharing purposes long links are not at all feasible. You guys should know that compressing URL and making it short can provide you with the ease of managing the link. You should know that search engines also appreciate short links instead of long ones as they are more appealing. The messier the links would be the more the SEO would be weak.
  2.  Short links are very much easy to share and to manage, and this is the very reason that they are accepted more in the world of seo. You should know that sharing links on social media platforms is easier if short as they restrict the character limit to a certain extent. Moreover, the audience on social media tools prefers crispy content which is easy to digest. The long links are not at all the type of content that a person would want to see on his feed so make sure you compress links before sharing them.
  3. With short URLs you can save a lot of information that can help you in improving your aesthetics, we want you guys to know that with short URL links you can easily get details of the location from where the audience is approaching you more, you will easily get to know about the niche of content for which the traffic is looking for, and you can also track the behavior of audience towards a specific content on social media!

There are many more aspects that you will know once you make your own short URL with the best tool in town and will also get to know how it can impact the seo of your website. Now there are hundreds of famous tools and applications that can help you in compressing links, but we want you to use the most user-friendly one!

URL Shortner by small seo tools!

Small seo tools is a platform where there are many tools available to help you in your search engine optimization, and the URL Shortner tool is one of the best tools by this website. Now the reason we are listing this tool beyond many other tools on the web is that this tool is the easiest one that you find on the web and with this tool even a person having no prior experience in shortening URL links can compress long links into small and compact ones. We want you guys to know that to create short URLs with small seo tools, you have to follow a couple of steps that we have listed below.

Operating the link Shortner!

  1. this is the address of the tool, click on it and get directed to the main page of the tool.
  2. You have to enter the domain address/long link in the URL bar of the tool.
  3. After entering the long link, you will see a blue button right next to the bar which says SHORTEN URL, click on it.
  4. The tool will get you a short and compressed version of the link that you will simply love.

All of this procedure would not take more than 2 to 3 seconds.

You should know that this is a free tool which requires no formalities or payments for limitless use, you can shorten as many links as you want to in a day. Make sure that the link that you add in the input is proper and authentic so that you can get the best results