For digital marketers who intend to make the best use of social media and continue to progress by leaps and bounds, and strengthen their existing digital marketing strategy, these resolutions are for the win.

There are many steps one can opt for in order to take their digital marketing to the next level. Though none of these provide a complete guarantee in hitting a success milestone, used strategically, these tools can greatly help reap benefits.

Foremostly, the new year resolution you really need to make this year is to invest in Digital Marketing already if you haven’t yet! Go all-in with it. This kind of marketing needs full-time attention. Success in, say sales and profits may not increase overnight. It might take a considerable amount of time to see the true outcome of your consistent dedication towards digital marketing. 2017 can make it or break it! You just don’t want the latter.

Search Engine Optimization

Have a website for your brand? If you do you should really get your Search Engine Optimization in shape! This is the process by which a website’s content appears in a web search engine’s organic results. This is simply the results which the company does not pay for, hence termed ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ results. SEO targets different kinds of search which includes images, local search, video search and more. SEO strategically targets specific keywords or search terms entered into search engines. An optimized website having relevant keywords and ideal HTML editing is hence, greatly promoted through this useful tool. Search Engine Marketing is, on the other hand, promotion of websites primarily through paid advertising.

Content is King

If you have been into digital marketing you will have come across this term innumerable times, or at least should have. But content should not be good nowadays, it should be great. No one likes seeing repetition and similar posts or images on a website and so on, one should really make a vow to provide great content for potential customers. Embed videos, try out creative gifs. Make it as interactive as you can! But remember, don’t just do things as per the trend. Make enhancements to your blog or website such that it looks great to the eye. But again, remember, ‘Good content’ is now pristine. ‘Great’ is the magic word.

Organic Search

I would say organic search is the first step and social media is a great resource to reach natural growth. Not only does it save valuable budget which can be utilized for promoting other content through SEM, it is free too. Period. Can’t be any better, can it? If you are not a well-known brand, initial steps must include interacting with customers directly on Facebook and Twitter. Social network groups and ‘Pages’ hold immense utility in this aspect. They are not only ideal for building authority but also cultivating valuable relationships. Facebook offers great advertising options on its ‘Pages’ for a lesser dollar than other potential social networking sites. To say the least, many businesses are thriving today for which Facebook is conducive, if not fully. Secondly, creativity is key. You need to offer an array of posts. Posting only links to blog posts? Only posting images or gifs? No! Not likely to do the job, mate. Try to incorporate a mix of different nature of posts.

The statistics prepared by Statistica gives a crystal clear picture of Facebook ruling supreme. Among leading social networks worldwide as of the year 2016, Facebook hits number one with 1,590 million active users and a record figure of 18 % market share. Facebook has also shown massive growth since the last quarter of 2009 until 2016. From a mere figure of 400 million, it has now grown to an astounding figure of around 1600 million in 2016. Facebook is clearly a winner and therefore, is a vital resource.

Email Marketing

Another great option which can contribute greatly to Digital marketing is Email marketing. This tool was almost uncool or ‘dead’ during the early rise of social media. However,  it is a significant weapon. This should certainly be one among the various strategies of your Digital marketing campaign. According to statistics, Email marketing contributes around 31% of all Digital marketing channels. This has a direct positive impact on revenue earnings.

Conversion rate optimization

Another great technique which should be on your 2017 resolution list is Conversion rate optimization. This is a system for increasing the overall rate of visitors to a particular website that converts into customers, or more generally, takes any desired action on a web page. This idea encapsulates a more data-driven approach which helps in having a clear picture of how many visitors subsequently take interest in the website. Real-time data collection is what greatly boosts the effectiveness of the online campaign.

Segment your lists

According to a public report from the year 2015 from Freely, merely 47 % of companies use segmentation in their digital marketing campaigns. This technique helps fine tune and sketch a framework of which niche a company should spend their budget, and on which segment it should not, or should, but to a limited extent. This is done by relying on demographics like gender, age, location and any specific individuals’ tastes and interests. This analytics data will help your brand to tailor your digital marketing campaigns through the accrued data.

These ideas, if consolidated into the system of Digital marketing campaign, can prove to be two-fold for effective marketing of any brand. These can adapt into a company’s Digital marketing campaign based on their applicability. If you’re a digital marketing manager, why wait any longer? Focus on these techniques. Execute. Now sit back and watch.