Content generation is extremely crucial for a business to stay relevant in the digital marketing field. It garners the customers’ attention, makes your business stay visible on the SERPs and keeps your page active and interactive.

However, content generation is not the sole aspect of successful media marketing. Once you have published your content, you need to employ well-devised strategies to ensure that the content reaches out to as many potential customers as possible thus gaining more viewership and visibility for your page.

On an increasingly competitive forum, it is a major challenge to reach out to your target audience. Following is a comprehensive list of effective techniques that work best when employed simultaneously to extend content reach:

Publish on social media

sharing content on social media

It is an undeniable fact that social media has established itself as a powerful tool for marketing. According to an article published on B2B Marketing, increasing number of people are either discovering new brands or are influenced by product information on social media.

Therefore, harness the magic of this media to reach out to a more diverse audience. The trick to maintaining an affluent social media presence is to utilize its various outlets and publish your posts according to the uniqueness of each individual platform. Select the most intriguing text from your primary post with a visually appealing image to create a well-structured post that grabs attention and compels the user to read the entire piece of content.

Add an irresistible headline

When you publish a post online, the first course of action is to add an irresistible headline that should be enthralling enough to immediately stop the user from scrolling further down and compel them to open the contents of the post. The headline is the highlight of your post since it is the solitary text of your article/ blog that is seen in the search results and shared around. A good headline is often one with around 8 words while headlines that end with a question mark often perform better. Therefore, spend ample time and think carefully about your headlines before you decide on one.

You can also add a beguiling excerpt from the post underneath the headline along with captivating thumbnail image to further gain the viewers’ interest.

Add relevant links

To create an authentic and informative post, you need to add relevant links that are affirmative to your content. Consider adding links to posts by people most likely to share your post. Scour the internet for quality articles, which in addition to being pertinent to your posts, are written and promoted by active profiles or are published on sites with higher user influx. Embed links to these articles in your post and notify the person or site that they have been featured on your posts. Subsequently, your article will be shared on their online platforms enabling your content to reach their audience as well, providing you with ample publicity with minimum resources.

Convert content into a video format

According to the recent viewing figures revealed by YouTube, an astounding number of one billion hours are spent on video-sharing sites by users every day. Hence, a smart marketing move is to convert your content into an engaging video format, publish it on YouTube and provide links back to the original post in the video’s caption. The video does not necessarily have to be elaborate; it could feature an eloquent speaker outlining the contents of your post or a whiteboard animation that is often captivating. You can also make a video constituting of a PowerPoint presentation that highlights the important parts of your post.

Make a presentation

SlideShare is often considered to be an underrated social media platform; however, the number of SlideShare users has reached an impressive figure of 80 million. Understandably, social media marketers often prefer more notable sharing sites such Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or even Instagram for content sharing but this gives certain leverage to SlideShare as it entails a lesser competitive environment thus providing more visibility to your content. An active presence on SlideShare also means that you can reach out to more people who might have missed your post amongst the multitude of posts on sites like Facebook.

Presentations are also an effective tool for content representation since they combine the culminations of your content with an engaging background, making your posts more perceptible. Hence, create an impressive, aesthetically pleasing presentation that relies on smart bullet points and sharp phrases and post it on Slideshare for hundreds, even thousands of immediate viewings and imminent sharing.

Create infographics

Infographics are visual and illustrative representations of summarized information that are eye-catching and easy to comprehend. They are another form of content presentation that attracts users and effectively communicates the essence of your content, making infographics a welcome alternative to monotonous reading.

Moreover, infographics create value and awareness for your business as they are more persuasive, memorable and interesting to review. Hence, they are most likely to be shared often and even become viral consequently, gaining you more viewership and building concrete links to your blogposts or articles. Therefore, invest in infographics design by employing a professional, well-versed in the field, for greater impact and higher content reach.

Turn it into audio podcasts

audio podcast

Podcasts are a series of digital audio files that are easily accessible for downloading and listening. They are also simple to produce with minimum resources since all they require is a computer, a premium quality microphone to record the audio and an audio editing software program. It is an innovative way to interact with your audience as they can conveniently listen to the content whenever and wherever they want.

Podcasts also add authority and integrity to your content, if read with fluency and enthusiastically. In addition, it builds a more authentic and stronger connection to your listeners, comparative to reading content online, which may coax them to recommend your podcasts to peers earning you a bigger audience. Since podcasts are episodes that are released consecutively, add a brief yet intriguing overview of the subsequent episode to pique the listeners’ interest. It not only compels them to tune in for the next session, but also urges them to invite more friends to subscribe to your podcasts.

Mailing to subscribed customers

When launching a new service or product, you need to market it abundantly in order to generate adequate feedback. Apart from promoting it on social media, email your loyal customers about your upcoming offerings who have established enough trust in you to provide you with their email addresses. This ensures that you have reached out to your most regular customers, who might have missed your promotions on social media sites.

Invest in your cause

Social media sites provide affordable packages for media marketing that helps your content reach a bigger population. It further keeps your post visible for an extended period of time as you might notice a decline in viewers’ influx after the initial response on posts you haven’t boosted. Invest more on posts that created prominent user engagements in its preliminary period. According to Social Media Examinar, 92% marketers invest in social media because it provides more exposure to their businesses. Therefore, pay to boost your posts, making them visible to thousands of people and drastically increasing your content reach.

Use competitive intelligence

Competitive intelligence is a process of gathering and analyzing information regarding the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and external business environments to improve your marketing strategy. Similarly, competitor analysis tools assist in identifying widely popular topics and most trending keywords that are published by competing bloggers.

Once you discern the subjects most interesting to a larger audience, you can work on the same topics but with a different perspective. This allows your posts to engage more people, get more comments and also increases the probability of sharing.

Partner with industry influencers

partnership with influencers

Influencer marketing revolves around focusing on influential people instead of a targeted market. These influential people or influencers carve a niche for themselves in their relevant industry and cultivate a healthy and trusting relationship with their social media followers. Influencers, hence, are an important asset for media marketing and extending content reach.

When you partner up with your industry’s influencers, you are able to convey your message to your target audience and encourage conversations about your business posts, which in turn make your posts gain virality. They serve as a spokesperson for your product and promote your content extensively on their social media accounts with large followings, providing your content with greater visibility and deeper reach.

Approach bloggers

Once you have published your post, approach bloggers associated with the core topic of your posts to consider your creation. If your content is well-crafted, bloggers will mention it in their blogs creating awareness about it amongst their audience, thus increasing your content’s visibility and expanding your readership. Moreover, links on significant blog posts that connect to your site will increase your page’s ranking on the SERPs, thereby gaining public attention.

Join groups

Become an active part of the groups related to the content you routinely produce and establish healthy relationships with other members of these groups. Work the conversations conducted on the groups in your favor by casually mentioning your posts where relevant and providing links when required.

Pegging your content on numerous groups will gain a substantial viewership for your brand as you will reach out to different sets of people. However, be polite when employing this tactic and make the referral as naturally as possible. You can quickly hurt your reputation if you come across as self-promoting.

Marketing content on groups works as a two-way route; dispense your marketing services generously to others by offering to share their posts, tweeting about them and encouraging them in general. If you share a trending post, people are bound to visit your page and may view other contents on your site as well.

Re-share old posts

Content generation can be a time-consuming process that requires extensive research and a proficient penning down process. On other hand, it is also essential to keep your website active through frequent content sharing. Therefore, reuse your old posts and present them with a newer outlook to maintain and even increase user traction.

Publish the piece on different social media platforms to widen its scope and reach more people. If an old post constitutes of a variety of points, break it down to be published at intervals to keep your page viable and attractive to your audience.

Besides that, there are some posts that always do better than others. Repurpose popular content and present it in a revamped manner to get greater visibility and increased user influx.

Quote famous people

People love to share their wisdom and thoughts with others. Appeal to this particular trait of an influential personality belonging to your relevant industry, try to secure a distinctive quote from them and inject it in your article. Adding authentic quotes increases the veracity of your article and provides originality to your post.

Furthermore, you can provide a link to your article to the owner of the quote and once they share the link on their social media accounts, you can tap into their vast number of followers and acquire a larger audience.

Gaining a respectable viewership is a steady process that needs to be handled tactfully and responsibly. One wrong move can adversely affect the reputation of your brand. Therefore, establish a definitive strategy for content marketing and follow it diligently. Employ the aforementioned techniques, in combination or concurrently, to widen your contents’ reach and garner a respective number of followers.