In the digital realm, what is relevant to Google works and what is not, doesn’t. It just doesn’t get simpler than that. Google might look simple and immensely easy to use for your searches and to rake out relevant information that you need but the underlying mechanisms that make it so, are anything but easy. There are a host of complications that need to be looked into, reviewed, mastered and then finally neutralized before you can make any sense of what you want out of it.

While there are literally thousands of articles out there that give you information on how to do SEO for your brand yourself, decked with 5 ways to do this and 8 strategies to build that, but they do have a word length, right? Is a single page ever enough to understand how a multi-billion dollar giant like Google can be conquered? Probably not!

What Next?

In the current business environment, everyone knows everything. Things have become increasingly complex yet the information pervades all. So what should we all do in such a scenario? The answer. Specialize. Mastering a certain domain in the online world is great for everyone as it lets one single entity to make sense of everything that goes on within only that single domain, providing high chances of success.

The tsunami of information that permeates the digital world requires everyone to keep themselves relevant in a single category for the perfect optimization to take place.

Businesses sell products and services and they exist to get the maximum profit out of their ventures. But to do that, would require each aspect of the business to be not only great but stay great as well.

Is Doing your own SEO bad for your company?

You might label yourself an SEO expert because you know the general things about it like content should be of great quality, links should be real not spammy and you might even know that stuffing keywords would make your site drop in the rankings. Great stuff to know surely! But is it enough and is all that you ever need to do great SEO?

The matter of fact is, things run a lot deeper than you think or know, as Google has a highly complex strategy to rank its pages with updates coming out every now and then, sometimes they are told, sometimes they are just blanketed off, making marketers think on their own. Google has an intricate webbing of algorithms to serve different needs like Penguin and Panda are there to keep the results free from spam as much as possible or the much less known Pigeon, which is there just to make results relevant to your local preferences.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, things can run in way too deep. The mothership algorithm HummingBird, that houses all of these other smaller ones, is a different fish altogether.

But are SEO Firms effective enough to deliver the best results? 

Just like it was mentioned previously, you cannot gather enough information about how Google ranks its pages or ace SEO by yourself for short. So when you have blind spots, you are bound to commit mistakes that Google can penalize you heavily for, even blacklisting your site.

SEO firms on the other hand know what they are doing because of a number of factors. Firstly, they have professional tools to do what they do that help them take better decisions in comparison to amateurs, secondly they can not only make sense of those tools but also offer in-depth insights on the analytics that come as a result of their efforts and thirdly and most importantly they know what your competition is doing in its SEO domain, a thing which you will never be able to fully leverage yourself no matter what.

The factors that weigh in the most in favor of hiring a pro SEO firm are the ones that concern making sense of data and then using it to get better performance. People with business acumen will always understand the power of leveraging data to your benefit. Doing SEO by yourself might be effective to a certain degree but to get something highly influential out of it, you should definitely go for a Professional SEO Firm.