As an e-commerce business owner or any business owner for that matter, you dream of your sales touching skies. For the sales of an e-commerce website, it is best if all the pages on it are optimized; however, the product pages play the most major role when it comes to conversions.

Some of the best practices for an effectively optimized e-commerce product page are a simple, neat and no clutter design, smooth and easy navigation, clear image (or multiple images, depending on your product), a well written, to-the-point but detailed product description, and an SEO rich meta title and description of the page.

When followed religiously, the said best practices are surefire ways to help enhance the visual impact, build the customer’s trust and also achieve positive reviews and testimonials for your e-commerce website. Another important factor, that customers will consider when gauging their experience with your e-commerce website, is customer engagement and customer service. As times progress, customers are seen to develop a growing liking for real-time customer support in the form of live chats; a survey showed that 30% of customers regard live chat as an essential e-commerce feature.

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