Custom Development

Do you what your website and web applications to have all the latest functionalities with losing any of their aesthetic value? Are you tired of theme-based designs for your corporate website and wish for something unique? Well, if your answer is yes then you have come to the right place! PNC Solution’s web development services offer comprehensive development solutions. Whether you require website design and development or more complex web application development. Our front-end and back-end developers have experience working with a variety of development projects from different industries. We have successfully provided custom design and development solutions to 2000+ satisfied clients.
Paying premium price for a custom design and the subsequent development of your website is useless unless you go for a scalable solution. One of the main problems with pre-built, theme-based designs is that more often than not, you do not have the option to scale your website accordingly with your business operations. This translates into a big headache as developing a new website every time you decide to expand your operations can be very costly and time-consuming. Hence, with PNC Solutions’ custom development services, your website will be designed with the functionalities of your choice but still be scalable to accommodate future growth.
In a digitally dominant world, your digital image is what matters most. This includes your complete digital identity, from your logo to your corporate website. We understand the importance of this and our team of UI/UX designers have a complete technical know-how needed to design your website beautifully while keeping in mind the technical elements required to maintain its functional capabilities. Similarly, our front-end and back-end developers ensure that your website or web application functions as intended and that the user journey is a perfect mix between stunning yet simple design and clockwork functionality. Ultimately, this synergy makes for a perfect website or web app.
A corporate website obviously serves as a digital presence for an entity. However, for most of the businesses operating in the digital world, one of the main functions of a website is to attract visitors and showcase the range of products and services. Ultimately, you would be looking to convert the aforementioned visitors into paying customers. No one understands this better than the design and development team here at PNC Solutions. We pride ourselves on conversion-centric designs that maximize user engagement and ultimately conversions. Our UI/UX designers have perfected the art of CTA (call-to-action) placement which allows for maximum lead generation. In addition to experience with a vast number of clients, our website developers use advanced analytics tools to identify areas which need to be strengthened to increase customer conversions.
A website with premium graphics and animations along with a heavy design budget may fail to impress but a simply designed website with a well-defined journey and fast load-time might be a user favorite. Custom developing a winning website is all about the user journey and subsequent user experience. A website or web application is not simply a platform where you display your company’s communication, media and contact info, it is so much more. Good web designers and developers focus on making an attractive website with good functionality. Great web designers and developers simply look to enhance the user experience. This entails multiple elements, such as the website aesthetics, its load time, the fluidity of content etc. We simply outline those factors that affect user experience and improve them. Hours of testing and quality assurance ensures that the final experience is a memorable one.

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