Gone are the days where the only method of acquiring knowledge was through printed books. With the digital age, people felt the need for a way to read books, manuals as well as study materials on the go with the help of handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones.

EBooks are an electronic version of a book that people can read if they have access to the internet and if they have a medium through which they connect to it.

Printing books, pamphlets and other documents for your company can be an expensive pursuit. Especially if you have a large audience base where you will be circulating these publications. However, with EBooks, you do not have to worry about printing and delivery costs and corporate communications become so much easier. Similarly, Distributing quality content to your target audience becomes so much more convenient with EBooks.
EBooks are also becoming a trending platform to market your products through. They can be concise, or they can have detailed information about what you are selling. Consumers can easily download the eBook and use it whenever need be.
Companies now add several EBooks and online manuals with the app or software you are selling. This is an excellent move because there are chances that your customers might get at some part of the installation or while using your product and they’ll thank you for making their lives easier.
We help you craft the most engaging EBooks that will become a value-added feature whether it is for assisting the sale of your product/service or building up credible content assets.
Sending EBooks via emails to new and existing customers is one of the most popular marketing strategies. That way even if you update your eBooks after the launch of new products or services, you will not have to print pamphlets, magazines or get it published in the local newspaper to let the customer know. All it will take is a click of a button, and voila, your customers know the latest happening.
An added benefit of this strategy is an increase in the customer email list. As your email list of potential customers increase to receive free EBooks, your chances of future sales from this ever-increasing list increase as well.
You can even offer additional rewards to your customers for downloading the eBook but make sure you avoid spamming. You do not want the customer’s utility to get affected in any way otherwise they will find a substitute for the product you are selling.
The answer is yes, EBooks have recently proven to be of great use to a lot of marketers. Content marketing as we know it has become one of the most significant marketing tools and its potential has yet to be fully realized.
Although advertisements are still relevant, the average person now spends more time on the internet than on the television, and this is why we now see businesses adapting to the changing environment. EBooks are a fantastic way of covering complicated and technical subject matter with great ease which allows customers to gain powerful insights regarding product quality. Make sure your content is helpful otherwise you might lose out on potentially loyal customers in the future.
You don’t have to worry about the creation and designing of an EBook while working with us. We can help save a lot of resources that would have otherwise been wasted which includes the enormous cost of printing. Contact us to know more about eBook writing and design services.

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