Quality Assurance

A high quality digital product usually translates into a successful business. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct website testing to ensure that your final product is bug-free. This quality assurance testing should be conducted both before and after launch to double check your website. The team of experts at PNC Solutions offers comprehensive quality assurance and testing solutions. Not only does this service decrease website downtime and increase business productivity, it also saves you from a potentially embarrassing moment in front of your customers.
Our QA department and QA engineers are deeply integrated with our website development team and begin their quality testing process even before the website is complete. What’s more? Our clients get quality tested, bug-free websites without having to pay any additional costs.
One of the primary tests that need to be conducted, performance tests determine whether a website is performing as expected with a certain number of users. This is a surefire way to ascertain if a website can handle the load at peak hours with the maximum number of visitors online. Additionally, we also test the performance on various operating systems to ensure cross-platform performance.
Similarly, usability tests are carried out to ensure that the user journey will be smooth and that the overall features of the developed website are user-friendly and easy to understand. User-interface testing attempts to determine if the average user will interact with the site as intended and that all important information is easily accessible.
Functional testing is an important quality assurance feature. It ensures that all specified functions of the website or web application are working. These various website functions are tested by providing certain input and then examining the output. This practice reveals valuable information about the system and the efficiency of the software it is running on. In short, our developers and QA team have a comprehensive idea of how the website will perform well before its actual deployment. Any functional shortcomings can then be addressed beforehand and fixed in the live version.
Our team of quality assurance experts assess your website’s vulnerability to various types of attacks. Whether your system is at risk from illegal “trespassing” or attempts at dangerous access from hackers, our security testing will identify all such weaknesses and our developers will fix these issues before rolling out the final product.
Maintenance testing on the other hand, checks the software for bugs and errors, especially during a change, update or migration to another hardware. The confirmation testing phase ensures that bugs and errors previously identified have been fixed. The second phase; regression testing checks various user loads to determine how the website will perform during peak hours i.e. it identifies the maximum number of users the website can handle. Regression testing is one of the most important tests that we conduct here at PNC Solutions.
One of the trending business models in the past few years, ecommerce websites have increased manifold throughout the online community. However, as companies rush to launch new ecommerce websites, the quality of these websites may suffer.
Ecommerce quality testing may be one of the most important quality assurance tools out there, simply because of the massive revenues associated with ecommerce websites. Our ecommerce development experts and related quality assurance personnel ensure that every ecommerce website we develop is tested for errors and functionality issues. These issues can range from simple load times to complex shopping cart integration and payment plugin issues.

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