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By allowing you to place targeted ads in front of a well-defined audience that has already visited your website, Remarketing gives you the opportunity to connect with them in a meaningful way as they browse through the digital world. Seen as less intrusive than first-time ads, Remarketing is an ingenious way to communicate with users who may have just dropped in to your website to look around but did not make a purchase or filled a form. Not only are visitors reminded to view and purchase your products and services, they are also likely to become more familiar with your brand.

PNC Solutions has in-house PPC Remarketing specialists with years of experience. We have found it to be an extremely cost-effective advertising method. If executed by the right people, Remarketing can be a great tool to improve conversions and raise your brand profile.

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Most remarketing ads are managed from Google AdWords. Display ad sizes are based on the spaces available on websites. While there are a large number of sizes you can display your ads in, we recommend that you implement the top performing ad sizes of the industry. Advanced Remarketing works by placing cookies on the devices of your website’s visitors. This Cookie ID is added to your remarketing audience list and you can manage multiple lists, with each having different criteria.

You can adjust the advertising controls including the duration of cookie IDs staying on your remarketing list, impression caps for individual customers, and adding or removing list of websites where the remarketing ad should be displayed. Customers can also be specifically targeted based on age, gender, location and interests based on their browsing behavior. Google has also recently added more features and advertiser controls, which makes it a very exciting time to be in the world of Advanced Remarketing.
PNC Solutions offers the most Advanced Remarketing services in the industry. Our digital specialists carefully study your business, website, and marketing objectives to devise a thorough remarketing campaign that is aligned with your overarching strategy. We also continue to fine-tune our implementation based on consumer feedback to ensure you receive the best return on investment.

Our digital specialists execute your successful remarketing campaign by implementing a number of strategy campaigns. The first step is Ad testing, where we study your brand, create and experiment with different offers, calls to action, images and other items. The focus is on the audience and to create content that will re-engage them.

We then move on to custom combination testing, where we create multiple customer profiles based on different criteria and then create different combinations of cookie lengths to target them to ensure customers receive the message most likely to resonate with them. Frequency cap testing is carried out to identify the optimum exposure to your brand, which can greatly increasing sales conversion. Our specialists also experiment with bid testing, where we take into account factors like impression share to ensure that your remarketing ad bids are cost effective and provide a high return on investment.

Landing page testing allows us to find the best pages to land remarketing customers. The best marketers know that landing engaged users to the right page may just convert them into happy customers. Apart from this, we are constantly researching and keeping ourselves appraised of the latest Google Remarketing techniques. This is why it is no surprise that PNC Solutions is at the forefront of all advanced remarketing services.

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