Let Experts Handle your eCommerce Shopping Campaigns

Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Ads appear on the top of your user’s Google search urging them to make a purchase. These ads are an extremely effective campaign strategy with high click-through rates and demonstrably lead to conversions. Google Shopping Campaigns provide a smart way for your products to be extremely visible. When users come to Google to search and shop for products, the search engine provides an easy way for your products to be shown on the first page with all the relevant information being displayed to the consumer. As an online business, you need to start focusing on Shopping Campaigns to ensure you’re getting the best returns on your online marketing budget.

The question is how do you ensure that it is your products that are being displayed by Google? For this, the information you’re communicating to Google needs to be relevant. That’s easier said than done, especially when you’re dealing with an itinerary of thousands of products. However, digital partners can help you navigate your way through the sometimes confusing path of online shopping campaigns. PNC Solutions has years of experience with Google Shopping Ads and our digital specialists have helped brands across multiple industries improve their online shopping campaigns spectacularly.

Our specialists organize the products you have listed in your Google Merchant Center within the AdWords interface, so that you can create customized shopping ad campaigns. These ads are displayed on Google and on relevant Google partner websites.
We help you set advertising goals and tailor your campaign to fit your overall marketing strategy. Our Google Shopping Campaign ads are optimized and customized for your strategic goals. However, we know that what worked last year may not work today. This is why we’re constantly researching and staying updated on the latest trends, so that you are always getting the best consultation money can buy.
Our digital specialists track performance and adjust your campaigns according to market feedback. This means you are always ahead of the curve compared to your competitors. The performance metrics we look at include sales vs. spend (to see whether your sales outweigh your advertising spend), performance levels (to see good and bad performers at the brand, SKU, and product type levels), impression shares (views), and benchmark max cost per click vs. max cost per click. We provide recommendations on adjusting your bids up or down based on performance. We also consult you on your product prices, ad copy, image quality, and other parameters to help you stay competitive.
Our digital specialists also review your seasonal promotions and best sellers to prioritize campaigns based on season. We also use the Bid Simulator tool to your advantage – after determining which products are your heroes, we use the bid simulator to increase your bids and boost conversions.
These are just some of the ways PNC Solutions assists you as a technical partner in using Google Shopping Ads to maximize your advantage.

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