Social Media Audit

Are you struggling with sparking engagement on your posts? Is your shared content not resonating with your target audience? Are you on the hunt for a more consistent social media that responds to queries in a timely manner and generally keeps your social media presence active?

These are just some of the questions that an audit can help you out with. Further, a detailed social media audit can identify the ROI you are getting from your social media, the platforms most suitable for your entity and why your social media presence may be performing lower than expected

The initial step in your audience will gauge how well your social media presence works to attract your target audience. A thorough competitor and industry analysis, along with brainstorming on new ideas, will be done to understand the areas your brand can use enhancement in.
Understanding your target audience, their tastes, preferences, behaviors and buying patterns are all crucial in deciphering exactly what kind of information they are looking for. For example, a beauty salon should share rare beauty tips and tricks on a regular basis to attract followers and increase their share ability factor, whereas a finance-based entity would attract consumers more efficiently by sharing exclusive financial insight on current events and happenings. Depending on your industry, niche and audience, attraction can be achieved in a multitude of ways once the audience is understood – through creative posts, comprehensive campaigns, giveaways and other incentives to attract the maximum quantity of your audience.
Once you’ve established an audience or if you already have an established audience and are looking for the next step, our audit will also help you understand how you can engage the existing audience that you have. There is no point in having hundreds, thousands or even millions of followers if they do not actively engage with you. Are you starting conversations they care about and want to contribute to? Are you standing for something they believe in? Are you making them laugh or invoking any emotion within them with your content?.
Analyzing each step in a buyer’s life cycle on social media is crucial. What attracts them to you? If they are attracted, then its just a matter of you creating the right incentive for them to interact with you. What is that incentive? Say they actively interact with you, what is the next step? What action do you need fulfilled from them? An audit helps you answer all of these questions.
A crucial bridge between attracting and engaging your target audience is relevant content. You may have ample followers and you may also be successfully engaging some of them. However, to tap into the maximum number of your followers and make the most of them, your content needs to be highly relevant.
A thorough audit of your existing social media presence will allow you to gauge exactly what kind of content not only engages your customers, but keeps them actively engaged on a regular basis.
When you get a social media audit conducted, be sure to specify clearly the metrics you would like evaluated. Not only does this make your requirements clear to the external team you are asking to audit your social media presence, but also communicates your expectations and priorities.
At PNC Solutions, we work on fixed metrics ranging from follower growth, engagement ratio, virality and the number of customer actions that have happened as a direct result of social media performance. Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to thoroughly vet your social media presence and tell you exactly what you need and how we can help!

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