Social Media Paid Advertising

“What’s the best option to get instant results?” is a question we have been asked by so many clients, we’ve lost count. We’ve wanted to address that question to all our potential partners for a while now. The answer is: there is no best option to get instant results. The truth is, getting quality results requires time, effort, dedication and consistency. Being the best in your field is not enough to generate results on social media, you need to not only show you’re the best but do so time and time again. Having said that, the closest one can get to generating instant results on social media is through paid social media advertising. Let us walk you through how you can ensure your resources spent on paid advertising do not go to waste.

We do not recommend spending on your social media as soon as you establish a presence. Rather, a slightly more time-consuming but effective approach would be to analyze what you have been doing on social media thus far. You need to first be able to determine exactly which campaigns of yours worked with your target audience and which campaigns failed to do so. Further, you may have already established your target audience before you established your social media presence. Before conducting paid advertising, this is your chance to refine your target audience even further.
Some pertinent questions you need to ask yourself: Given the previous performance data that I have from my social media, was my initial target audience assessment accurate? If not, who else should I target based on my existing social media experience? If so, then which consumer sub-group was the most engaged so I can engage them further? Answering these questions will greatly help you in establishing a superior social media paid advertising campaign.
Now that you’ve established a concrete profile of your target audience and its subgroups, along with your message and content strategy, you can start paid advertising on social media. Your ads will be specifically geared to be shown to those that have a behavioral history of showing interest in your offerings and/or similar offerings. Such is the power of social media, where companies can now determine the exact profile of the person they wish their ads to be shown to.
The end result? An experienced social media manager will show your business’ ads to only those that actually want to see it, ensuring that ROI is maximized and the end objective for your social media presence is fulfilled.
As you start developing paid advertising data and getting results for your campaigns, it is time to further enhance that budget in a manner that reflects that analysis you have done. Which campaigns performed the best? What kind of content engaged your consumers the most? Which designs provoked appreciation the most? These are just some of the questions that you can ponder over when analyzing the effectiveness of your paid advertising. Further, depending on the results of your analysis, you can determine future strategies accordingly.
As you determine your future strategies, you will need to reallocate your budget to these focused strategies, slowly building your budget over time for exponential returns as you start seeing results. The most effective method of going about this process is to hire a professional team or digital agency that can assist you in utilizing your budget efficiently and giving you detailed analytics on a regular basis.
Though we have clearly stated that anyone offering “instant results” is not being entirely honest with you because there is no such thing. However, the closest you can get to achieving instantaneous returns is to explore social media’s paid advertising tools. Different platforms have different metrics but pioneering paid advertising platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, can get you maximized eyes on your ads and also hold the greatest potential ROI.
If you are in this stage of your social media presence where you are looking to establish ROI-based paid advertising campaigns and executing them on a regular basis, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk and make it happen.

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