YouTube Video Ads Service

Video Advertising

Promote your videos on YouTube and other display networks in a cost-effective manner while improving your brand awareness among customers. Sounds too good to be true?

With over 6 billion hours of video watched each month on YouTube, video PPC service is one of the most attractive way to engage with your audience. Gone are the days when you could buy a few spots on TV and hope your ads will reach the right customer.

In today’s market, users are turning to the Web for their digital programming and entertainment. The most popular platform today is YouTube. Its ads are created in AdWords and you can feature them in YouTube search results and on the Google Display Network. Called TrueView by Google, you only pay for the ad when it is viewed by a user. TrueView ads can be run in three forms: in-stream, in-search and in-display.

Remember that in an age where brands are fighting for every second of customer attention, 80 percent of users will recall watching a video ad on a website for 30 days. And the best news is that you don’t need a gigantic budget! Video advertising isn't just engaging and effective, but also provides some of the best return on advertising spend.

Video ads can be designed to run as preroll (before), midroll (during) or postroll (after) videos on popular platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Audiences can be segmented based on past viewing behaviors, location, and available demographics. You can therefore determine with great precision the best placement, duration, and target audience for an ad video. Ads can also run with banners and links to a specific landing page, a CTA that is in sync with the video content.
As a powerful visual medium in an age where customers are not easily drawn to brand communication, video advertising is the best investment you can make to stand out from the crowd.
PNC Solutions offers superb video marketing services to all our clients. Our specialists have years of experience, spanning multiple industries, and a proven track record of creating successful video marketing and pay per click advertising content.
A great way of using marketing videos is to display them on your landing pages. By displaying videos with great product descriptions and effective demonstrations, we strengthen the quality of your landing pages and help convert visitors to customers.
We also optimize your videos by showing them specifically to those who have previously visited your website (remarketing), by interest targeting based on search and web browsing activity, by targeting based on category, and contextual targeting for a set of keywords. Our specialists also ensure that your videos are “readable” for Google. This is done by creating the right meta-data, allowing Google to read the video and index it properly.
Our digital specialists work tirelessly to ensure that your video advertisements are interesting, engaging, and profitable. Because if you succeed, we succeed.

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